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Our leads are generated in-house and online. We have decades of experience in the online advertising and technology arena and are experts and building marketing campaigns and related technology. Our media buying team specializes in social, email AND SEARCH.

We built a platform from the ground up to solve major problems we saw accepted as "status quo" in the marketing industry. To us generating a great quality lead is only half the battle. The war is won between lead and signed DEAL. We'll help you win through technology, not hiring more staff.

A profitable relationship begins with a candid conversation. We start by understanding how your COMPANY operates today and what pain points may exist. Then we determine which if any of our solutions could help. Some call this a waste of time, but to us it's just called good business.


Email marketing is a primary source of business for many companies because of its volume flexibility and the easy analytics associated with the method. As a direct marketing method, it is easy to ramp up or down marketing campaigns—as needed. Advertopia specializes in email marketing leads. In fact, this is how we got our name. We are an experienced email publisher and have created campaigns across many different verticals. Our own lists include millions of consumers with various attributes, interests and needs. In addition to​

Live Calls

As we developed our lead generation techniques, it was natural that live call leads would become very important to us and our customers. For you, live calls are a great fit—they mean that customers are on the phone and ready to talk business. However, you want only the BEST leads. The problem with low quality leads is that customers may be improperly incentivized or not looking for information about YOUR product. We deliver only high-quality leads that are generated from compliant, ethical direct marketing pieces—not illegal “press 1” campaigns. Our live call leads are never a risk.​

Search Leads

Search leads, including both SEO and PPC leads are often considered the hardest to generate. Many companies simply aren’t experienced or knowledgeable when it comes to creating an SEO or PPC campaign. If they can’t do this themselves, why should you trust the company to deliver leads to you? Advertopia is different. We’ve mastered the ins and outs of searching across numerous verticals. Additionally, we work with top publisher partners to deliver new and unique leads that will help you accomplish more than you ever thought possible.

Social Leads

The key to success is never being satisfied. With every passing year, marketing becomes more complex. There are more tools, more data, more channels, and more audiences than ever before. And through it all, Advertopia has remained one of the top sources for high-quality leads, day in and day out. We combine the right data with a multi-tiered marketing strategy, and put it through a rigorous testing process. Then our analysts comb through the results to find the highest performing tactics, and we repeat the process.

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